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The Our Catholic Prayers Podcast Page features audio versions of pages from our website as well as podcasts about various aspects of our wonderful faith. We hope these can help you in your journey with Our Lord and Our Lady if you're Catholic. And if you're not, feel free to explore what makes Catholicism very special, both here and on our website!


Aug 14, 2018

Have you ever wanted to have some fresh insights on the Assumption of Mary for this special feast day? These selections provide moving food for thought! The transcription for this Podcast can be found at

There is an additional page on the Assumption...

Jul 25, 2018

Are you, or a loved one, suffering from Cancer? Prayers to St. Peregrine can provide comfort and strength. Be inspired by this wonder worker! The transcript for this Podcast can be found at 

Jul 9, 2018

Prayers for offering up suffering can help you, your loved ones, and others you may not even know, on the road to salvation! The transcript for this Podcast can be found at 

Jun 18, 2018

A Prayer For Daily Neglects enhances our devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in this moving evening offering to our Eternal Father. The transcription for this podcast can be found at 

Jun 12, 2018

Have you lost something recently? Or do you just feel lost yourself? Here are a few of the many prayers to St. Anthony that can help you get back on solid ground! The transcript for this podcast can be found at