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The Our Catholic Prayers Podcast Page features audio versions of pages from our website as well as podcasts about various aspects of our wonderful faith. We hope these can help you in your journey with Our Lord and Our Lady if you're Catholic. And if you're not, feel free to explore what makes Catholicism very special, both here and on our website!


Sep 16, 2019

This prayer for medical tests can help you stay calm and keep your worries about results to a minimum by turning them over to God. The transcription for this page can be found at

Feel free to post prayer requests at 

Aug 29, 2019

What is Love? God's answer challenges us all to love others as He loves us! The transcript for the Podcast can be found at

Aug 8, 2019

God suffers in the midst of fallen humanity and is looking to eac of us to help  Him bring light and clarity in a world filled with darkness and confusion. The transcript for this podcast can be found at 

Jul 24, 2019

The Litany of Humility is a great way to ask God for the graces we need most to walk in holiness with Him. The transcript for this podcast is located at 

Jul 11, 2019

Jesus’ response to Peter's question about his fellow Apostle John, "Lord, what about this man?" applies to us as well! The transcript for this Podcast can be found at